A great game to play with family and friends!

Fire Ants! is a firefighting fun game that operates on chance. The point of the game is to put out as many fires as you can to win the game or until your colony burns to the ground. You compete against other players to become the greatest Fire Ant your colony has seen!

There are 4 resource cards drawn throughout the game. Water, Plastic, Metal, and Ant Magic! Ant Magic operates as a 'wild' card and can be used as any of the other 3 resources.

When the game starts, the BIG fire is moved to the middle of the table and each player sets out to extinguish it! While each player draws a card for a chance to inch closer to extinguishing the big fire, other small fires might start along the way, making it more difficult to achieve the original goal at hand. Each fire has a designated level of difficulty (1-5) which count for points at the end of the game. If 7 fires grace the table at the same time, each player has 1 turn to extinguish it!

Fire Ants! Card Game

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